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Season 1 (Episodes 1-13)

PT101 The Good Shepherd
C.J. and Ned are shepherds for a day! Really, how tough can it be? But when wolves plan an attack, they learn first-hand it's not as easy as it seems. Together they discover how Jesus, The Good Shepherd cares for His sheep.

PT102 A Good Foundation
The Club decides it's time to build a clubhouse. But no one agrees on what to do next. Without a good plan, there are hilarious mistakes and mishaps galore! Discover why having a good foundation is essential to building a Godly life.

PT103 High Noon
Hugh warns The Club his cousin Joey is coming to town for a visit, and the two of them have big plans to make even bigger trouble. They might even take over the new clubhouse and make it their own! When the gang finds out the truth about Joey, they learn an important lesson about what God wants us to do when we're afraid.

PT104 Tiffany Cometh
Everyone is excited about Wildwood's newest and richest studentů everyone that is, except Miss Harbor, who quickly realizes that Tiffany doesn't want to play by anyone's rules but her own. But Tiffany is in for quite a shock when she discovers that her disobedience has serious consequences.

PT105 To Have and Give Not
After finding a treasure of pirate coins, Gooz has to decide the best way to handle her newfound wealth. Meanwhile Staci and the rest of The Club are at odds on how to spend the gold. When Wildwood gets hit with a big storm and the town is in need, Paw Paw Chuck helps them all see what God thinks about having and sharing our riches.

PT106 Grace to Hugh
"I know who set fire to the Collins Mansion!" C.J. discovers a clue that unlocks the mystery of how the fire got started. Now Mrs. Collins must figure out how the culprit should be punished. Find out how showing a little grace can change a hardened heart!

PT107 Every Good Thing
During the school Christmas gift exchange, Miss Harbor challenges her class not just to appreciate the gift, but spend time being thankful to the giver. Through her challenge, The Club poignantly discovers the depth of God's love for us in giving us a Savior in His Son, Jesus.

PT108 The Princess
Staci wishes that she were a princess so she could help others who are in need. She soon learns that every Christian has a King as their Heavenly Father and that our prayers to Him make a difference in ways we cannot even imagine!

PT109 The Gift
C.J. and Ned see Hugh and his gang committing a crime and alert the authorities. But Hugh finds out who turned him in and wants revenge! Now The Club must protect one another from Hugh and his cronies. In his weakest moment, C.J. discovers he has a gift that could only have come from God.

PT110 And Then There Were None
When Miss Harbor teaches about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, The Club decides they should make up some rules of conduct, just like Arthur and his knights did. But instead of bringing peace, the rules threaten to divide them all. Together they learn that true greatness lies in serving one another.

PT111 The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill
Hugh brags that his soapbox derby car is the fastest and dares Staci to drive it and see. Never one to back away from a challenge, Staci takes the car out for a spinů a spin that turns into a disaster at the bottom of Hunker Hill! Was it sabotage or an honest mistake? Now The Club must decide whether to get their revenge, or to forgive.

PT112 The Tribe
C.J. tries to bring peace between The Club and Hugh's gang. Being a peacemaker is certainly what God would want him to be, right? But his idea to bring the "two gangs" together explodes when C.J.'s methods betray his good intentions.

PT113 Correction Course
The Club has discovered a priceless treasure - historical artifacts from Jesus's day! But when they misbehave with the valuable relics, the gang learns that disobedience has dangerous consequences.