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"Seeing the Unseen" hits Christian market exclusively on November 16, 2004

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CBA marketplace)-- November 2004-- KIDS AND PARENTS already may be familiar with "Paws & Tales" -- Insight for Living's children's radio series. New Christian film studio PRovidential Pictures inked a long-term, multiple-episode deal with CHuck Swindoll's radio ministry to produce a 3-D animated video series (Providential/Go Kart/Wesscott [800] 788 - 0442) based on the weekly radio drama.

"Paws & Tales: The Animated Series" teachers biblical principles through story and song, featuring animal characters who learn important lessons through their adventures. Kids who listen to the radio program will recognize the same voices in the video series.

"I'm continually amazed at the impact a simple, carefully worded story can have on young lives. Nothing quiets them quicker or so completely captures their curiousity," Swindoll said. "Our hope at Insight for Living is that 'Paws & Tales' just like the episodes on the radio, will provide families with more opportunities to discuss the really imporant things in life."

The first episode hits the Christian market exclusively Nov. 16.

The first episode, Seeing the Unseen ($17.99, DVD; $14.99, VHS), hits the Christian market exclusively Nov. 16 with a worldwide release to follow.

Marketing support is under way. In November, Insight for Living will promote the video frequently. Other support includes radio interviews and commercials, TV appearances, targeted ads, Swindoll store appearances, Website and more.