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Paws and Tales: "A Closer Look" was awarded the CREATION AWARD for BEST CHILDREN'S FILM.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- 2006

The Creation Award is an award rewarded to participants at the Creation Arts Festival, an annual event focusing on family and Christian film and multimedia, hosted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There are many different award categories, one award per category such as:

  • Best Documentary Under 30 Minutes
  • Best Drama Over 30 Minutes
  • Best Drama Under 30 Minutes
  • Best Digital Media
  • Best Screenwriting
  • Best Director
  • Best Producer
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Student Video
  • Best Children's Film
  • Best of the Festival
  • Best Inspirational
  • Best Film Under $25,000
  • In 2006, Paws and Tales: A Closer Look (CG Feature film) was awarded the Creation Award for Best Children's Film.

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